Humanicum Breastfeedicus

Sums it all up, huh? I actually saw this when I was visiting Amsterdam and my eldest was two years old. Reminded me that most of the world is not as backwards as US.

The Humanicum Breastfeedicus- A lactating human comfortable breastfeeding in a public setting. Noteworthy for her lack of attire and the suckling infant, the larger humanicum group accepts her as completely normal. this type of human (breastfeedicus) is a common sight in most parts of the world.

fig. 1 Humanicum Breastfeedicus photographed in the wild of Vondelpark, Amsterdam. Circa 1999.
In the United States sightings of Humanicum Breastfeedicus are extrememly rare due to encroachment by Humanicum Idiotus.

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