I interrupt the blog to fix the blog…

…hopefully for about an hour, please oh please not for longer…If you try and log in right now, it won’t go well…I’m trying to fix.

It’s now 3:15 pm and I believe that I’ve successfully switched over my membership program, from wp-member by SmartMediaPro (not working well at all) to Your Member (thanks for the recommendation Tracey!) You should be able to sign in and see comics. If you were an active member as of today, I gave you a free month. Woooooohoooooooo! Dude, I’m like Oprah. Actually, it’s more of a bribe than a gift, I’m not 100% certain your account will automatically renew, or even un-automatically renew without quite a bit of tech support from me or Ean, I’m going to start training him now. (He’s two. Here’s how it would work, if you ask me for support help and get an answer like this: 0ka;jbkernalno;eiur[ua;kne;nraie98ur[09ua0kjafnoihe0[‘9quw3

then it’s probably him. Or I had too much wine.

So, if you have to sign up again, and it’s a total pain in your buttocks, then just keep saying to yourself, “She did give me a free month.” repeat til you feel better. All forgiveness comes from a positive attitude.

Starting now, if you have any trouble seeing comics, please email me. I may not have an answer, but I’ve got a helpful seven year old, she may be able to figure it out.


Ps. did i tell you today how much I love my members? You guys are awesome.

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