indonesian breastfeeding law…

new breastfeeding law; allow breastfeeding or face punishment

I spent some time in Bali, Indonesia, and wish I could go back as a mother, to see things through these new eyes, this changed heart. I feel sad that these tragic things happen to babies and mothers as a result of the destructive business practices of these huge mega corporations. families suffer for their profits.

I understand the desire that the government has to promote breastfeeding, and to penalize those that don’t support it, but I hope that these fines and punishments will be directed at the big players, and not the mothers. Please, not the mothers. it sounds like yes, this new law will keep the formula companies from advertising to families with infants, it’s a start. And wouldn’t it be great if every jerk who kicked a mother off a bus for breastfeeding could face the prospect of a heavy fine? i can dream.

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