Isn’t that Convenient?

Hi all, this is one more of the birth comics, before World Breastfeeding Week, tomorrow! Come back and visit a lot next week, I’m going to give away prizes, and there will be comics galore!!!…  

Mama says, “A story in the news that says China has the hightest c-section rate in the world. News story says it’s likely because of money…A normal birth costs less ta $100, a c-section about $400. Of COURSE it’s the money.”
fast forward a week
Mama says, “A news story says the US c-section rate has risen to an all-time high. Of course no one in America knows WHY the rate is so high, but they suspect…oh how they suspect…
…That there’s either something wrong with women’s bodies OR that women are just asking for it.”
Mama asks, “Isn’t that convenient?”

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