Not Working

This was a fine thing to hear day 5 of World Breastfeeding Week, apparently my little guy had forgotten to nurse so many times that my milk wasn’t flowing. Of course some water and some extra nursing got it going again, but it was a real reminder that he will be weaning…someday, and that this will be the last baby I nurse. sigh. Oh well, the bright side is that your children are still with you even as they grow, and hey, I can’t wait to see what they become! …

Mama says, “And another amazine thing about breastfeeding is that during pregnancy…your nipples darken so baby can find you easier…cool, huh? Your scent attracts the baby, You’re just super attractive…and the perfect habitat for your baby. Just Perfect.”
Baby says, “This side not working.”
Mama says, “Huh? Oh.”
Mama says, “Except when sometimes you’re not.”

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