Whole bunch of new products in the shop!!!

…Hi all,
I just got off the phone with my friendly neighborhood screen-printer and boy do I have a bunch of fun stuff coming. Also, the calendar is almost ready and yes, it’s headed to the printer. Lastly, the book, Mama is Home, is now taking over an entire shelf of my office, it would like to find its way into your home! Here’s some details…

Mama is Home
is the best book ever about how I’m not quite the cook you may imagine me to be. And how I’m not quite the urban farmer you may imagine me to be, or even how I imagine myself to be. Not quite all that. But don’t let the description fool you, lots of comics about mothering, too.

only 14.99!

The 2012 Calendar! (pre-order now) comics about Milk, and Love, and Nature-y Things. With all the dates you’ve come to expect and quotes!!!!!
only $14 (free shipping if you order before December!)

The ‘it’s all good.’ 100% organic baby onesie: size 3 months or 6 months it has the “it’s all good” mantra on front and a small baby thinking “yum Yum” on the back. Only $20, did I mention it’s organic?

The “Very Crafty-cover-up” canvas bag and the “Very Crafty-nipple hat” women’s shirt:
Perhaps the most popular comic I ever made, now on bags, and shirts! Each only $15

and finally Center of the Universe Vinyl stickers 3.5 x 3.5 or something like that:
An older design (if you’ve been around since the beginning you know this was one of the first comics, a part of the original manifesto!) $1 each.

All of the new products, the baby onesie, the canvas bag, the Very Crafty shirt, the calendar and 5 stickers can be bought in on big bundle: only $60! A fabulous Christmas present for a mama in your life ;o)

Head over to

Mama’s Shop

to purchase now (there’s a link to the bundle on the shop page)

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