Win The Milk of Hathor!

…Hi all,
I’m going to give away two books on the 8th of August. One to anyone who wants to try and win it, member or not, the other one for members only.

Here’s how to play. In the comments below tell me how long you’ve been nursing. How many days, weeks, swallows…you come up with the way to tell me, get creative, be poetic, sing a song, film a movie, add a picture.
You don’t win by nursing the longest, well maybe, but by being my favorite answer. And did I mention you’ll win a book?

If you’re a member please write (member) at the end of your post so that I can pick my favorite response from you too, if you already own The Milk of Hathor I’ll let you pick another book, if you already own them all (I love you too, you know who you are ;o) then you can win the future book that I’m working on.

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!!!

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