2008 resolution 1- homebirth

…These are resolutions from way back in 2008. These here comics have been around since 2002, can you believe it? So that would make this my tenth anniversary! Seriously, how should I celebrate? hmmmmm, seems like I should totally publish a book!

Sorry the comics sort of stopped this week, we ended up at the emergency room with my 7 year old daughter on Tuesday. If you have a weak stomach for scary parenting stories, or are pregnant and don’t want to hear anything negative, or are new to parenting and haven’t had a heart wrenching, stomach turning moment then you might wanna click off the post now, why not, you’ve already read the comic ;o)

She’s fine.

I had dinner ready, most of it on the table, 6:45 pm. Daughter goes into the bathroom and pulls the door on her finger. Daughter begins to scream, I run and push the door open and she’s screaming still and holding her fingers. She pulls her other hand away to show me and the tip of the middle finger is just hanging on by the side. Down halfway through the nail. It looks like pacman. I start screaming. I yell, “Go to the car!” and everyone does. I drive us to the ER (after showing up at 6:58 at an urgent care center that closes at 7.) Husband is in back comforting daughter as he had a beer or two and we never risk that. My kids remembered to turn off the stove and oven. Husband and daughter get out and race into the ER, I park the car and me and the kids race in. The ER is packed and they take them into the back right away. I stay with the kids in the car because no one under 18 is allowed in the back and my littlest is two, and a nursling, and was understandable upset. We’re lucky, because it’s not that cold outside right now and we all forgot jackets, shoes and socks. We were in t-shirts. We’re unlucky that the day before we cleaned the car down to the carpet and so we no longer had 2 picnic blankets, 4 beach towels, snacks and food, crayons, paper, pens and all the other stuff that had been piled a foot deep on the floor. Me and the kids sat in the car for 5 hours, bored out of our mind, but also worried. she was finished at midnight. I am so thrilled that I had a cellphone so that my husband and I could text back and forth about what was going on.

They sewed her finger tip back on and it took 11 stitches in a ring right around. She was a total trooper and didn’t cry once she was there. Today she went to a hand specialist and he said that it was all looking good and that the finger should be pretty normal once it’s all healed. Phew.

So, Doors are Dangerous. I’m just saying. Double phew.

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