Hathor says: Excuse me? Can you explain this product to me please?
salesperson: sure!
Hathor: It says here that I sleep with it for a couple of nights and it absorbs my odor.
salesperson: and you reactivate it by sleeping with it once a week for two nights.
Hathor: and then I put it in the baby’s crib, and my smell fools the baby into thinking I’m close by?
salesperson: Exactly! and they’ll sleep through the night.
Hathor: and what does my baby sleep with when I’m ‘re-activating’ this product?
Salesperson: That is, of course, why we recommend buying two!
baby thinks: I can’t be fooled that easily!
Hathor: And what if instead, I cut out the middle man and just sleep beside my baby?
salesperson: sleep by your baby!? Don’t be absurd!

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