Give-AWAY: Good Life Menus!

…Around here we’re pretty good eaters, but I’m not a great cook. That’s why I’m thrilled by this new give-away:

Win one of two Six Month Subscriptions to Good Life Menus!

What is Good Life Menus?

It’s a full week of menus, with shopping lists and recipes, all coded and easy to use!


  • Seven nightly meals per week
  • One leisurely meal includes starter
  • One weekend brunch OR
  • Either one dessert or snack recipe
  • Low-carb meals suitable for most plans’ induction, around 10 net g. of carbs
  • Recipes call for no artificial sweeteners and no sugar
  • Complete shopping list categorized by aisle and coded to menu night
  • Nightly Master Plan to make sure all recipes are ready at the right time: no more frantically fixing a side while the main dish grows cold
  • Reminders on each night’s plan to remind you to marinate or thaw anything for the next night’s plan
  • Recipes use seasonal cooking techniques and seasonal ingredients
  • Recipes from a variety of cuisines and techniques, from Italian and French to modern “restaurant” American, Tex-Mex, Caribbean, Asian and more
  • Planned leftover makeovers mean you’ll be cooking less and eating better
  • Tips to help you cook better and more inexpensively
  • Access to your past archives if you’d rather cook a different or favorite dish from past menus, for the length of your subscription
  • Designed to meet the needs of families where only some of the family have special dietary considerations, without the cook having to spend all day in the kitchen making separate menus

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