Perspective Lessons


this is especially poignant after my morning: I offered Ean a bean burrito, made him the best bean burrito EVER (he agreed) and just as I dropped it to the plate I cut through the middle with the spatula. Better, right? OH NO! I tried just being present and consoling him, thinking maybe since it was the best bean burrito ever he’d be able to get past the fact that it is indeed now not just one, but two of the best burritos ever and that in fact he could share one with his bear, or his monkey, or his sister, but no, the cut was too deep to recover from. Second best burrito must be made.


Hathor: yawn, stretch, good morning ya’ll!
Hathor: Where’s my website?!!! My work!!! Where did it go?!!! Oh no oh no oh no oh
Hathor: oh no no no oh no
Daughter: Mom! It’s not like it’s life threatening.
Youngest Daughter:Yeah! it’s not like Dad made you ride on the back of the car and he started going really fast and you ahd to hold on really tight and your pants flew off and landed on top of some guy on the side of the road.
Hathor: True. Its certainly not that! Though it’s hard to believe I’m getting a lesson on perspective from soeone who flips out if their pasta is the wrong shape.

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