The 2013 Calendar

Hi all,

First, if you ordered the 2013 calendar, or haven’t yet, there’s still time. It’s finished and at the printers.

Second, did you know that much of this week is a holiday? While my 2013 calendar is sitting at the printers, the actual humanoid printer is away celebrating and is not really printing. At least not right now.

Third, did you know that tomorrow is January 1. (Probably not, because sadly, you don’t have a 2013 calendar yet.)

Fourthly, the printer will not be off of vacation until tomorrow morning, and then who knows where my calendar is in the queue. We here at Cowgoddess Command Central hope our print job is right at the very top of the list. We really do.

Fifthely, AS SOON as my printer will print me the ‘sample’ I will scurry to his shop and give it the okay. (Being conscious not to want to make changes, there’s so much I want to add!!!!!) And then he will print, yes indeedy.

Six-y six, how long could that possibly take, I mean, I ordered 20, that’s probably 20 minutes once the machine get cranking?

But of course 7th, I have to address the envelopes. Oh wait, do I even have any envelopes? Where did I put the envelopes from last year? (note to self: check under the bed. if that fails, utility closet.)

and then lastly 8!!!!!!!!!!!! I will rush at my very fastest to the post office to mail them to you.

That’s only 8 steps, and I figure, at the very most it will take a week. I will not panic, I will do my best not to frantically send them priority and thusly eat into my $3 profit ;o) We’ll see how that goes.

We here at Cowgoddess Command Central know that you have many many places to buy calendars and that sometimes calendars even show up for free, mostly BEFORE the start of the year, we truly understand that by waiting for my late calendar you are not only patient, but self-scrificing, and possibly a saint.

If you would like to continue waiting into the New Year for you calendar, because Hey, we’re moms, where did we need to go anyway ;oP (that my dear mamas was sarcasm!) Then thank you, I appreciate your patronage.

If you would actually like to start the New Year with a calendar on your wall we have one of two options, you can acquire one from your local office supply store, OR you can print out these pdfs of January and tape them together in the middle and pretend like it’s a full calendar. Course that requires tape, which might mean a trip to your local office supply store anyway, and then if you have to do that and you still forgo the already ready calendar then definitely, truly, you deserve sainthood, you really do.

thank you for being such a great supporter,
kisses and love into the New Year,
Your faithful Cowgoddess-y comic servent,

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