The Best Breastfeeding Comic of 2011!

2011, a tough year for me. My mother went into the hospital in January and then passed away in February. Her last words to me were around January 10th and it was all downhill after that. I totally forgot to sell the calendars, I forgot to do a book tour for Mama is…Home, the kids came down with a kick ass flu that I swear lasted from December until somewhere in October. My tooth broke, and then I missed my (and my 4 kids) return flight (just forgot) and had to spend a whole ton of my dad’s moolah to get back home. I made quite a few comics about dealing with the grief, and made some wonderful new friends and fans that have gone through the same thing. (Hi there, how you holding up?)

The above of course has nothing to do with breastfeeding and the comics about breastfeeding. In 2011 I just put my head down and made a whole ton of comics. I also started a membership scheme on my blog and due to market um, pressures, dismantled the membership scheme about 6 months later. Simply put it was a lame-ass year, full of loss and sick and failure. I like this comic though, it’s good ;o)

We’re nine years into the 10 year retrospective! If you found me in the last year, how about you say hi below!

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