Formula Fear

A bit ago I was passed this article: Fearless Formula Feeders. I spent some time mulling it over and wondering to myself what did they fear and why? Formula feeding is the socially acceptable way to feed babies, so it can’t be a fear of ‘public opinion’. What could it be a fear of? I’ve pondered whether it might be me, and you, and other breastfeeding mothers, are we scary? But I’m shrugging that off, it can’t possibly be us, I know I’m really nice. It must be the government and the agencies that are promoting breastfeeding, yeah that must be it. What do you think?

In my 10 years of creating comics my characters have rarely ‘talked’ directly to a mother who feeds her baby with formula, okay, maybe a handful of times and then it’s rarely about the bottle and almost always about the stroller the mother is choosing to use. Because rarely do I have a beef with a formula-feeding mother, unless they’re all up in my business about breastfeeding, then I do, oh yes I certainly do. My complaint is with the Formula Industry and their marketing practices, the hospitals that peddle their stuff, the doctors that promote it, the society that reveres it, the culture that thinks it’s ‘best’, and so my comics address those twerps, most of the time. But here is a group of women who are declaring themselves ‘fearless’, when they’re in the majority, to what could they possibly be reacting?

More comics are coming…
I’ll probably have my latest book (non-digital book ;o) for sale tomorrow!!!!

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