Hathor the Cowgoddess Year 2007 vol.no.2 is DONE!

I’m slowly but surely getting it formatted to an epub, which takes a while as it’s so art heavy. Notice epubs are for text, usually.

But, I’m figuring it out, slowly, slowly.


the epub will be $2.99

Once I get it published as an epub, I plan to smash the volume no 1 and 2 together into a real live paper book that sits on your shelf and everything. Or the back of the toilet, if you’re one of those sorts.

the real-live book will be $14.99

Until that happens, if you’re a member, you can download the book as a .pdf, for free, and because I’m so freakin’ happy to have it finished, I’m going to give you the link right now. ENJOY!

So, just to recap, a $9.99 membership gets you access to all the comics, all year, AND a free .pdf of the new book, sign up to the right!!!!!

The pdf is right here!

give the pdf a couple of minutes to load into your browser, it’s BIG, LONG, and full of funny comics!





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