Not a Big Fan of Laundry.

In my career as a cartoonist, I’ve tried not to be too complain-y about life as a stay-at-home mom, rarely have I complained about the ‘housework’, it’s my choice to be home, so it’s only fair that the lion-share is mine to do, whatever. I don’t get all saintly about it, but maybe it’s because I have a pretty high-threshold for filth. I can really let it go sometimes and not really worry about it too much, it’s a gift. But, with six people in my family now the laundry can get pretty, um, prolific. I can usually talk the kids into doing a whole heck of a lot of the folding, okay, I can command them to do it, and most of the time that’s cool. But, like the other day, there are those times when the kids are doing something really good and productive and I’m on round two of my Facebook newsfeed and there are six baskets of clean clothes on the bed, and well, someone HAS to do it. Might as well be me. But then I do it and guess what? The sense of satisfaction is pretty awesome, for about the 15 minutes that it all stays folded.

In this comic, I almost, sort of, come close to sounding complain-y about the kids too, something that I really try not to ever do, ever. I try to see the best in these little guys I’m sharing my life with, but I have to take the rose-colored glasses off and admit, that really without them, I wouldn’t have to do half the laundry, it’s just a fact and you know, the truth. The reason why kids aren’t more careful when rifling through their drawers, or more thoughtful when throwing their clean clothes on the floor, or more considerate when tossing their dirty clothes right beside the basket, has nothing to do with words like thoughtless, inconsiderate, or careless, it’s that they just don’t care. Oh, they care about me, just not about the clothes. I could walk around taking it personally, but if I’m honest with myself, I should remember when I finally started to ‘care’ about the laundry. I remember it like it was yesterday, because it kind of was, I only started to care because it threatened to get knee deep and someone needed to, and I’m really the person who ‘should’. So it’s hardly fair to hold it personally against them for not caring, they’re just kids, enjoying ‘the now’, and if that means throwing a barely-worn-for-5-minutes shirt on the floor, sigh, that’s just part of the joy. So anyway, the comic!

Doing this comic made me also question why all my clothes are black and grey and all the kids’ are colorful?

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