I was reminded of this the other day, so thought to post it. This NEVER happens to me anymore, my little guy is three and a half, and only ever wants to nurse at night. It’s gotten so that I was able to throw out my old, ragged, holey (holy!) breastfeeding bras and replace them with non-functioning though pretty and perky bras. Now these new bras have an issue, if I try and nurse OVER them I get a raging ¬†breast infection, and as I just noted my little guy only nurses at night, so the best solution to a breast infection, nursing, isn’t really that helpful. So I can’t go over the bra. I did figure out that I could pull the bra up, wire unders and all, so that it lays across my chest. My little guy protests though saying, “mommy I don’t like it all wapped around like that on top of my head.” Yes, indeed. So, and of course it’s the sensible route, I just take my bra off and go without somewhere around dinner time, and then as long as my bra is off, I might as well get in pajamas. It’s really a time saver, to get into your pajamas at about 6 o’clock in the evening, and clearly announces to the world that you’re completely done for the day. Speaking of time savers, we’re back to the comic:


You two meet?

Mama says: hello nice to meet you, my name is…

nursing baby thinks: Oh is there someone new to meet?
mama says: Uh.
Baby thinks: Hello! I’m sociable!!!
Mama says: and this is my breas…er, um, baby.
baby thinks: did you two meet?…


From December 9, 2005. Gwynnie was 1.5 years ¬†old, the BEST time for sling ridin’. Though 2.5 years old (like Ean is now) is pretty good too. He loves to get in the sling when we’re going for a walk or in the store. It instantly calms him down…