Why Is Marina Abramovic Breastfeeding Riccardo Tisci?: Visionaire Pushes Boundaries With Its New Religion Issue – ARTINFO.com

Why Is Marina Abramovic Breastfeeding Riccardo Tisci?: Visionaire Pushes Boundaries With Its New Religion Issue – ARTINFO.com.


Why indeed. My view is now so un-sexualized (of breasts at least ;o) that I just think that guy is an ugly baby, and hey, don’t waste good breastmilk on a grown man, hee hee. Breasts are for breastfeeding!

But, I’m sure for a lot of people who haven’t stopped seeing breasts as primarily sexual (that would be MOST people in America at least) this is a very upsetting, challenging, image. But, challenge is what this magazine seems to be going for, what better way to sell issues, then to take on some of the most salient ones in our culture: fashion, art, religion and then to top it off, breastfeeding. that’ll sell some copies!

Too Posh to push, but not too posh to breastfeed.

Why Posh has the right not to push by Clive Spence-Jones. I note that Victoria Beckham says that her cesarean sections were medically necessary, if my name was synonymous with elective cesareans I would try to distance them too. This article though, is a part of the new (meaning within the past few decades you know, old school new) argument for Cesarean Sections (or c-section if you’re Californian like me apparently ;o), that it’s an informed right of an educated and forward-thinking and liberated woman. Just one of the many options that are presented to women with equal weight and with plenty of time to consider. The truth is, women aren’t educated about their birth choices, most do what they’re told, as evidenced by this study: Most Pregnant Women don’t know Childbirth Options

I know when I was pregnant with my first, I attended childbirth classes that were offered by the hospital and presented every option as if it had equal merit. But, luckily I met a group of women (I think of them as angels) who told me about homebirth and midwives, a term I had only heard historically, as in the past. I feel very fortunate that I was able to talk the attending nurse during my birth out of installing the IV in my arm, and that my birth was so fast that no one had time to notice me or interfere. When the nurses and doctors did notice me during the pushing phase they did everything they could to change the outcome from the natural birth I was striving for, to a medicalized one of their choosing. Oxygen mask, monitor, knees up by my ears (three people holding them there). Just after birth baby was whisked away in an emergency procedure that lasted for about 25 minutes before she was handed back and declared fine, and perfect, bundled and scrubbed. I chose not one of those things, and none of it was presented as such. Informed choice is a lie when you’re in the maternity ward. I guess that’s one good thing you can say about choosing a cesarean ahead of the time, at least you don’t have to play that game of lies presented as medically necessary.

So Posh has signed up for her fourth cesarean. Because she must, she’s had three already! But, hey, that reminds me of Poppy’s story in my book Simply Give Birth ( only $14.99!) , she had an unassisted homebirth after two cesareans. Or Teresa’s birth story, a midwife assisted homebirth after 3 cesareans. Tell them that multiple cesareans mean more cesareans. They know the truth.

But, now Posh came out with this: Victoria Beckham plans to breastfeed her new baby

ā€œIā€™m doing everything differently this time. I want it all to be natural and perfect for my little girl.ā€

Her c-section is scheduled for today, July 4th. Let’s all wish her a safe delivery, and hope that breastfeeding relationship gets off to a good start!…