Hathor says: Excuse me? Can you explain this product to me please?
salesperson: sure!
Hathor: It says here that I sleep with it for a couple of nights and it absorbs my odor.
salesperson: and you reactivate it by sleeping with it once a week for two nights.
Hathor: and then I put it in the baby’s crib, and my smell fools the baby into thinking I’m close by?
salesperson: Exactly! and they’ll sleep through the night.
Hathor: and what does my baby sleep with when I’m ‘re-activating’ this product?
Salesperson: That is, of course, why we recommend buying two!
baby thinks: I can’t be fooled that easily!
Hathor: And what if instead, I cut out the middle man and just sleep beside my baby?
salesperson: sleep by your baby!? Don’t be absurd!

Be Back in a Bit

Thank you EVERYONE who entered in my calendar give-away, I have picked the two winners: Amelia C. and Shawna G.  There were some really lovely entries, I love hearing everyone’s resolutions, they almost exactly mirror mine ;o) Ditch soda is a good one Grace K. I did it a few years ago and am so proud of myself. Once I kicked I was able to (without hypocrisy) keep the soda out of my kids glasses too. I traded for unsweetened iced tea, in a jar. Everyone here calls it my urine sample ;o)

So anyway, Amelia C. entered twice and also first, her resolutions were: “keep calm and lactivate. (well what is the word for being an active activist anyway?)” and “Dance every day”  yes, I’m going to do those too!

and Shawna G. said, “I resolve to be in more photos with my family. This is hard because I am a photographer and always try to weasel out of being in my photos!”  This resolution is especially poignant for me, my mother passed away in February, 2011 and she left behind beautiful photo albums and scrapbooks that are full of photos of everyone else. She was so rarely in photos, it’s making me and my father very sad.  So, not only is this resolution a good one for our own self-esteem, it a gift to our children for the future.

A while ago I saw a blog post that said stop right now and take a beautiful picture of yourself. You will only be this age, on this day, in this moment. Smile! I asked for some glamour shots of myself for my birthday I was so inspired, but didn’t ever get them. So I think I should adopt this resolution, too.

It seems like Rafflecopter worked in the end, so there will be another cool giveaway this week. You guys are going to LOVE this one!

Sorry to everyone who didn’t win a calendar, kisses and hugs!




ps. I’m taking the cost of shipping off of the calendars again, hope that helps! It’s the economy baby!