A new comic, from a recent exchange, and it went kind of like this, but not in person, and no, she didn’t accuse me of being judgmental, but her body language and stuttering said it all. When you know that someone has planned to breastfeed and then you see them (months later) out and about with a bottle of formula, what do you say? Do you have something wise at-the-ready?  Or do you change the subject and talk about the weather? Do you feel judgmental, or helpful (and is helpful just another side of the judgmental coin?), or outraged, or resigned?

Not Free At All

Peggy O’Mara, the venerable editor of Mothering Magazine wrote a wonderful piece about Formula Freebies, freedom, and other things… it’s called Choice is a Red Herring and lays out some (not all!) of the reasons why mothers and babies are not free agents when ‘choosing’ whether to breastfeed or not.

I’ve finished my first ebook, it’s small, 35 pages, and will be sold through the iBookstore for the iPad. It’s called Free Gifts of Formula and Other Unsavory Practices. It’s been sitting in the iBookstore now for over a month waiting to be approved for sale. Keep your fingers crossed that it’ll be ready soon! And guess what? It’s only .99! See? Now you can afford to run out and buy that iPad ;o)

Next book is for the kindle, will tell you about it soon… …

Thickening Agents


Hathor says on the phone: I just read that your company is adding ‘thickening agents’ to your infant formula.
My kids and I are wondering is a thickening agent like a spy?

phone: A spy? heh he. No…It’s to thicken the formula so that babies will sleep through the night…

Hathor says: gasp! That’s horrific!

phone: well it IS more convenient…
Hathor: And you’re SURE that a diabolical plot like this doesn’t include spies?

phone: uh no. only ‘experts’

hathor: Uh Oh. pardon the pun, but the plot thickens.