I’m sort of exhausted by all of this self-censoring for facebook. So, I went into the archives looking for a comic that really really couldn’t be posted on facebook, at least according to their idiotic nudity standards, i.e. men’s chests are okay, but women, not so much. I really disagree.

Mama Dots…

Because who can really tell in a hand-drawn comic, what is a nipple and what is a circle? The censors at Facebook think they know, but do they really?


if you are a former member of my site and are having trouble signing up again, know that you aren’t alone. I have numerous friends sitting in wait for my tech support guy to give me the correct ‘patch’ to get that situation solved. Please, have a seat in my waiting room, perhaps a cup of coffee and a magazine as you while away the time, actually this would be  a great time to nurse, my waiting room has rocking chairs and delightful conversation, make yourself at home.







The Best Breastfeeding Comic of 2009!

We’re 7 years in and still going strong, you’ll notice that in 2009 there’s no more Hathor, but Mama is turning out pretty cool.

In 2009  I had my fourth baby, Ean, and created what my friend Kathleen says is the best birth story, ever. I published Simply Give Birth and did a blog book tour about it and then just made a whole slew of comics. I think I was published in a whole bunch of magazines, but I forgot to update my resume after 2008, sigh. I guess we’ll never know.

But, I bet you know THIS comic, hugely popular and particularly fitting right now: 

A Lot of Smackaroos

…Today is the start of World Breastfeeding Week, and boy are we looking at a fun one! We’ve got activities like The Big Latch On and some kind of breastfeeding party on twitter, and then we’ve got the AAP an the Mayor of NY weighing in on Free Gifts of Formula (Oh wait, I have an e-book about free gifts of formula for sale here: kindle and iPad) So, really there will be plenty to do and no where more than right here, on my blog, where I’m posting a favorite comic every day and perhaps sometimes more. Because I’ve been too busy for a while and I wanna make up for lost time (well, it’s been time spent with my family which is never lost, but you know what I mean). Here goes: