Scholarships and archive releases, your thoughts?

…Hi all, this is a members only conversation, I’d like your thoughts on a few things…

first, since most of you are paying members of my site, I want to make sure you feel like you’re getting what you need from your membership. I plan to release some new t-shirt designs soon, you’ll get coupons. and I’m planning on a book club discussion too.
Right now I’m still tweaking the overall design of the site, look for some big changes soon (I’m excited!). If you have any thoughts about how I can make this membership seem really worth it, let me know. If you think that just getting the free comics is enough for your $3.00 a month, I could use to hear that too, I’m up to my ears in complaints at this point. Kind words and gentle encouragement is greatly appreciated ;o)

Second, a friend of mine suggested a ‘scholarship’ where I could give some free memberships to moms that really can’t afford to see the comics, and ask for one. Whatcha think? Any ideas how to word that on the site, so that I don’t get a 1000 requests? And how many do I give without making your memberships seem like a rip off? Your thoughts are appreciated.

Third, the same friend (Hi Gurumama! man, she’s smart ;o) suggested that at the end of a set period of time I could release all the new comics so that everyone could see them. If you knew that you could see the comics for free eventually would you still become a member? AND, how long a period of time should that be? Maybe the last day of the month all of that month’s comics are released in a bundle. It could be a party! I usually post about 3 a week so it would be around 12 comics every month, release to the public all at a one time. Or, maybe once a month I have a free day for everyone to come in and look around the site.

It could really work a million ways, but ultimately, thank you, I’m glad you’re here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!