Divine Qualities

One of the mamas I’m an acquaintance with mentioned the other day on FB that she has abs. I saw the photo, it is true. Wanna know how she got them? 5 days a week at the gym, boot camp, and lots and lots of handball. I’ve been thinking about learning handball, I’ve also been thinking that the Hunger Games movie was really awesome and Liam Hemsworth is really cute. And isn’t Katniss AWESOME? and oh, baby needs to nurse and, what was I talking about needing to do? Well, I can’t remember…so, I thought I’d dust off this comic to show how my abs look, still, 3 years postpartum ;o) …



Hathor says (on left side), “sure anything you want, I’m here to serve.”

Hathor says (on right side), “BECAUSE I SAID SO!”

Hathor thinks (in the middle), “I am not child-centered! I am not mommy-centered”

Hathor thinks, “I am center-centered.”

Baby thinks, “Everybody knows the center’s where the yummies live.”…

Boogie Woogie

…We’re in the long hot days of summer and I’m posting a series of comics about play, dance, having a good time with our kids, this one is from 2005, this is a great idea while you’re at the grocery store, but seriously, why are you at the grocery store? Head outside mama!