Who has the best Breastfeeding Facebook Page?

…Uh, me! I can say that while still being humble because my super-fan/friend Stephanie Morales runs the page over there in the land of facebook… you may have noticed recently that she uploaded some really awesome Breastfeeding Symbols for anyone to use. Beautiful!!! (see below) Hundred or more on www.facebook.com/mama.is.comic And if you’ve never been there before, like us, why don’t ya? And if you’re not on Facebook, seriously? Come on!!!

And it got me thinking that we should nominate the facebook page that she’s been working on so tirelessly for this contest: Favorite Breastfeeding Pages and Groups on Facebook The page has my name on it so I feel weird nominating it myself. So come on guys, let’s help get Stephanie some awesome credit for the work that she does…while stopping by, why not say hi, and thank you for bringing us the news!!!

Win The Milk of Hathor!

…Hi all,
I’m going to give away two books on the 8th of August. One to anyone who wants to try and win it, member or not, the other one for members only.

Here’s how to play. In the comments below tell me how long you’ve been nursing. How many days, weeks, swallows…you come up with the way to tell me, get creative, be poetic, sing a song, film a movie, add a picture.
You don’t win by nursing the longest, well maybe, but by being my favorite answer. And did I mention you’ll win a book?

If you’re a member please write (member) at the end of your post so that I can pick my favorite response from you too, if you already own The Milk of Hathor I’ll let you pick another book, if you already own them all (I love you too, you know who you are ;o) then you can win the future book that I’m working on.

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!!!

Sale on Advertising!!!

…Hi all,
for lots of you who are members, a benefit is very discounted advertising on my site. Awesome, huh? See, it pays to be a member! But, until the middle of August I’m giving away free advertising in middle footer bar to any fan, member or not. Got an etsy shop, gotta small business? Here’s the link: Advertise Your Independent Business Here! the spots are 125×125 and I’d love to fill the bottom footer with squares. Come on ya’ll, got something that mamas might like? advert for it there!

coupon code is: free

it’s good until August 15

It’s for fans, small businesses, etsy-style shops.

wonder if you qualify? Want more information? Need help?
contact me: mama at mamaiscomic dot com