Monkey Butt!

…The winner of the reader’s choice comic for this week is Monkey Butt! Enjoy!


Here’s the problem:
toddler +dirty diaper+control issues = rash!

solution: a bath

simple right?

Baby says: NO!
Try threats? or Logic? no, try a game!

Fill tub with toys, put water level just under the knees, and let baby just STAND there. Fun!
Then! distract child and throw coins in the bottom of the tub


Tune in next month when I finally figure out how to wash baby’s hair.

idle parent

…This is based on one of my favorite parenting books of all time, The Idle Parent, by Tom Hodgkinson.

It borrows a lot from my most-est best-est favorite book, The Continuum Concept, and sort of modernizes it.

The Idle Parent makes the ideas a little more accessible, a little more hip, now, current and presents them with a wicked twist – especially for parenting older children. I whole-heartedly recommend the book, except for three pages (If I remember the count correctly, it’s been a while.) If you’d like to read my review of the book, it’s here: the idle parent by tom hodgkinson book review