AMA and ACOG against home births!

There’s a local midwife, one that I considered having attend my last birth (my husband wanted a midwife, I wanted to go it alone) who is right now being prosecuted  persecuted for practicing midwifery.

You can read about it in this local news story: woman accused of practicing medicine without a license

Note, there was nothing amiss at any of her births, and though the news article tries to make her seem ‘untrained’ she has been helping mothers deliver babies since 1990. In these parts she’s considered the only person left who can turn a breech and home-deliver twins, precisely because she’s un-licensed.

There is a silent auction to help pay for her legal costs: silent auction for Brenda Capps



OB Conference

This is, of course, an imagined conference. I’m sure if big OB conferences happen they don’t have cartoonists give speeches, or “facilitate dialogues”, or rabble rouse. But, wouldn’t it be cool to ask them en masse, is a 100% cesarean rate the goal? really?