AMA and ACOG against home births!

There’s a local midwife, one that I considered having attend my last birth (my husband wanted a midwife, I wanted to go it alone) who is right now being prosecuted  persecuted for practicing midwifery.

You can read about it in this local news story: woman accused of practicing medicine without a license

Note, there was nothing amiss at any of her births, and though the news article tries to make her seem ‘untrained’ she has been helping mothers deliver babies since 1990. In these parts she’s considered the only person left who can turn a breech and home-deliver twins, precisely because she’s un-licensed.

There is a silent auction to help pay for her legal costs: silent auction for Brenda Capps



Isn’t that Convenient?

Hi all, this is one more of the birth comics, before World Breastfeeding Week, tomorrow! Come back and visit a lot next week, I’m going to give away prizes, and there will be comics galore!!!…  

Mama says, “A story in the news that says China has the hightest c-section rate in the world. News story says it’s likely because of money…A normal birth costs less ta $100, a c-section about $400. Of COURSE it’s the money.”
fast forward a week
Mama says, “A news story says the US c-section rate has risen to an all-time high. Of course no one in America knows WHY the rate is so high, but they suspect…oh how they suspect…
…That there’s either something wrong with women’s bodies OR that women are just asking for it.”
Mama asks, “Isn’t that convenient?”

39 Weeks

More from that super inspiring article: New Baby Delivery Strategies Help to Cut Health Costs Sorry I disappeared for a little bit, I was off at the California Homeschool Network Expo. It was wondrous, swimming pools and unschool stars. Okay, actually Sandra Dodd and Jim Weiss. Sandra Dodd reminded me not to spend everyday with my kids because I decided to when I birthed them, but to wake up everyday and decide to spend the day with my kids. (I think she may have been more eloquent) Good advice, right? Jim Weiss told a story that I didn’t get to listen to after that bit about Mark Twain and Rudyard Kipling. Had a toddler to attend to. And then I went into Susan Wise Bauer’s session: How to Teach Your Child to Be an Independent Learner. I lasted 5 minutes, she lost me at,

take some time to consider if your child has to be lead through their latin lessons, or because of your due diligence they can now do their latin lessons without you constantly at their elbow.

or something like that. The pool was cool, the teen room (or so my teen tells me) was rocking, the dances were dancer-y. You should go to your local homeschool conference. If you don’t have one, and your kids are a bit grown-er now, you could start one. But, please remember the words of Sandra Dodd (above;o)

There’s more coming! …

this comic is related to this comic: A full 39 weeks
this comic is related to this comic: That was the past, right?


mama says, “My first pregnancy was 41 weeks 3 days…My second was 41 seeks, 6 days…My third was 42 weeks and 6 days…and my last was 39 weeks 4 days. The average first pregnancy is 41 weeks 1 day.
Let’s ask a random OB/GYN what’s the proper length of a pregnancy?
Dr: 39 weeks absolutely.

baby thinks, “check his credentials!”
Mama says, ” REally? you’re sure.
Dr: It used to be 40 weeks, now it’s 39, indubitabley.
Mama: But that’s two weeks before most women give birth naturally!
Dr. :Sure, but what’s 2 weeks?It’s inconsequential. Look, it’s been 39 weeks for almost two decades, it’s hard to argue with that kind of longevity.”

That Was the Past, Right?

Another one from this news article a friend sent me, here: New Baby Delivery Strategies Help to Cut Health Costs I actually drew this one first, but was so freaked out by the line “a full 39 weeks” that I did that comic and posted it first. I figured you guys would notice if I didn’t mention it right off the top!
There’s more coming! …

this comic is related to this comic: A full 39 weeks


Duck says, “Hear ye! Hear Ye! We of the medical birth community proclaim that we make birth safer…”
Mama says, “Is that you quack?”
Duck: Um….Yeah.
Mama: Last time you were proclaiming that you made birth safer and more awesome, I showed you that your logic was faulty…”
…that the history of medical-ized birth is full of egregious failures and harmful practices!
Duck: ahem, that was ALL in the past.
Mama: Oh REally? what about this?
Duck: gulp.
paper: …inducing early childbirth…created unnecessary risk in newborns.
Mama: seems that all of those early inductions you guys are performing are causing respiratory problems in babies. hmmmm…when was this written? YESTERDAY.
Duck: that was the past, right?