I Like Bacon

This is a true conversation I had with my little guy the other morning, and I’ll say again, if you wean before they’re verbal, you miss out on hearing exactly what they think about your milk, and it won’t be insults, I promise. Gwynnie told me it tasted like flowers, Ean thinks it’s better than bacon, I could listen to them compliment it all day. Their opinion on the dinner I cooked last night though? I’d rather NOT hear that, heard enough complaints already to last me a lifetime. I know, I know, I get it, I’m a terrible cook. Last night was leftover night and I managed to burn the bean stew, the pizza, but happily the lasagna was unscathed. (note though, that the style of leftovers meant that at one point this week I made lasagna, pizza, and bean stew, my heart is in the right place, at least;o) Dear Husband, in reply to “what would you like?” said, “whatever isn’t burnt.” yep, I appreciate the compliments on my milk, it is one thing I do well.

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