Seriously, Ms. Sanders? A challenge.

…So yesterday I was flicking idly through a newsletter and saw this article that attracted my attention (because I get a lot of ideas from them and this one seemed ripe): 10 Things I wish I’d done differently when I had my baby by Sue Sanders. In case you don’t want to click through it’s a lot of niceties, I wish I… had made more videos, had written more in my baby book, had trusted my gut…and then, number 9…She says, “Hadn’t been so smug about breastfeeding.” Okay, fine, maybe she was. But she uses the term “Teat Nazi” and I’ve just. absolutely. had. enough.

Granted, Ms. Sanders calls herself “probably” a “teat nazi” something that might seem to merit giving her a break. But no, she was clear that her “nazi” status was because of her association with the La Leche League, she calls herself a “card-carrying member” and because she went on an “awareness walk”. She claims she, “marched, lockstep, with other LLL moms.” She was a “teat nazi” because she hung out with other “teat nazis”. And it is absolutely time for this form of name calling to come to an end.

I have been a writer, blogger, artist and cartoonist of pro-breastfeeding ideas for 10 years now. I have NEVER called anyone a nazi. I can think of many other ways to describe my difference of opinion with someone without resorting to calling someone that name. As a matter of fact, I take pride in the fact that I have not ever called a mother that feeds her children formula any name at all. I don’t have to resort to name-calling because I’m a proficient writer. I have other ways to express myself.

Yet for sometime now an entire segment of the population, breastfeeding mothers, are being called Nazis, over and over again. It’s become acceptable. Really, is there any other large group of people that we would feel comfortable calling a name like this?

So, I would like for Ms.Sanders, to send me ONE example of how La Leche League international or the activists that promote breastfeeding are like Nazis. Just one. How being a ‘card-carrying member’ makes one Nazi-like beyond the obviousness of just carrying a card (I carry a birthday card my grandmother gave me, it doesn’t make me a nazi.) How going on an awareness march is Nazi-like. Just one example. Convince me.

Let’s make it interesting and friendly, if you, Ms Sanders, can give me a valid reason that La Leche League International or that lactivists are like nazis, I will turn my head whenever you personally use the term in your writing. And won’t say a word.

If you can’t come up with a valid reason to call La Leche League, the LLL leaders, and lactivists “teat nazis” then you should definitely stop and join me in calling for others to stop, too.

Up to the challenge?