Happy Monday! (I refuse to call it ‘cyber’)

Maybe it was too many years in art school reading, writing and debating art and humanity and the cyborg body. I’m boycotting the term cyb-anything.

Or maybe it’s just that I hate to have ordinary days of the week labeled anything other than ordinary days, or true holidays, like my birthday. It’s coming up by the way.

Or perhaps, it’s that I’m sick and tired of having my life defined by my shopping habits.

I went to the beach on Friday, I celebrated not it’s blackness (though it was pretty foggy)

I went to a friend’s house on Saturday for a movie, and didn’t set foot in a small business, either. (it doesn’t mean I won’t, just means I didn’t wanna that day, that’s all I’m saying.)

I spent today hanging with the kids and working on my website a bit (note the pretty pictures down the right side bar! and a new search bar! for functionality!) And come to find out it’s cyber-Monday and I was supposed to be on-line shopping. But I won’t, not today.

Maybe, ultimately, it’s because I’m out of money, but I like to think of myself as adorably curmudgeonly. Here’s a comic about Buy Nothing Day (the only other holiday that I DID celebrate besides Thanksgiving ;o)

Okay, I’m not curmudgeonly all the time, in a minute or two I’m getting off the computer to start DECORATING for Christmas!

Free, Free, the Comics are FREE!

…So, there’s some big news around here, I’ve dismantled the membership portion of the site.
All the comics, new and old will now be free, to anyone. Enjoy.

There are a few reasons for this dramatic shift, some involving the f$%^&*@# technology which has been an absolute bear since I started, and still this week there were 4 members without access, I’ve spent too much time in support forums. Too much.

But, most of the reasons involve membership in any club. I want the comics to be free so that a newly pregnant mama will see them. They’re timely, they editorialize current events, they need to be seen by thousands of people. A day. I’m going to go back to my original model which is a combination of magical thinking: “If I do what I love and give it to the world, good things will come back to me”, selling products (the shirts and bags and calendars are almost ready! Books are here!) and selling ad space (if you know someone tell them to contact me ;o) Also, Kachingle. Perhaps a donation jar. But seriously, if you adore the comics and you know you do, buy a book, tell a friend, if you see someone advertising with me, buy something from their shop. These little things will help.

So, for those of you who joined me on this little adventure, thank you. To those who couldn’t afford to, that’s okay, enjoy the comics, send them to a pregnant mama who needs a laugh.

A great big oxytocin-filled hug to you,
Happy Buy Nothing Day,

ps. oh, and I also dismantled that blasted slider and the magazine theme squares, for those that are technical-lingo challenged that means my site now looks like a regular ol’ blog. It’s more user friendly. You’re welcome.

pss. Kind thoughts, happy thank yous, kisses, compliments, and rejoicing can happen in the comments below or on facebook. I’ll join you!

Buy Nothing Day!

(Bulletin board filled with various shopping lists surrounding a note reading, “Buy Nothing Day November 29”)

Daddy says, “So remind me, what is the point of shop, shop, shop, buy nothing, shop, shop, shop, shop?”

Hathor says, “The point is to reflect on whether this lifestyle is sustainable.”

Baby thinks, “And whether we really need all this stuff to celebrate the holidays.”

Eldest Daughter says, “So buy nothing! Reflect! Play!”