Good Morning!

My little guy wants to nurse all morning before we get up. It’s not really about the nursing, I think, he only nurses at night now and doesn’t need it at all during the day, but the last few mornings he has just wanted to dawdle in bed nursing as long as I can or am willing to do it. Which I’m willing to do for a pretty long time, and mostly not frustrated. I’m doing my best to just accept that I’m probably going to be late to all the very important places that I have to get to, because I know in my heart that I’m counting down the days until he weans, days, maybe months, but probably days, people.

There was that glorious moment in 2012 when I thought maybe he might nurse forever, hey, Mayim Bialik’s baby was going to, and Jamie Lynn’s baby was going to. But then their babies went and weaned to the amazement of the multitudes, and all my hopes have been dashed. Oh, you didn’t hear? Yes, the babies that the world thought might never quit nursing did, surprise! Mayim Bialik weans her four year old son! and probably don’t read this article, it’s probably not that great, It’s just here to show that it made international news ;o)

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Mommy Morning

This is the first comic I’ve done that admits to the new life-change we’ve had around here, something that is difficult for me to admit, and really I wish that I could just pretend it’s not happening, but here it is, and probably not for the first time. You may have guessed it, but if not, here goes: I have a teenager. And not a cusp of their teens-ager, either, but a complete and total ‘smack-dab in the middle of it’, teenager. And you know what? So far it’s really fun. Even when I complain about staying up to see her off to her midnight movie, I wouldn’t trade a minute of any of it. I’m not really regretting the nighttime parenting either, maybe it’s because it’s such a crucial part of parenting, and perhaps I’m well-trained by now by all the babies to know that parenting doesn’t end when the sun goes down, but probably it’s because I really like spending time with these guys, even at 3:30 am, even when I’m exhausted. On and on the clock ticks, wake-up mommy, smile, make some coffee, it’s a lovely time of your life.

and in case you’re wondering what midnight movie my first daughter went to see? Rocky Horror Picture Show, yep, fun!

Candy Quandary


Capitalist Experts agree that today’s parents should just learn to say ‘no.’ Now, a candy commercial…
Kids in candy aisle: Please! Please! Oh pretty please!
Hathor thinks: No. But…
Hathor thinks: They HAD a good breakfast…will ruin lunch…I want them to be happy…never reward with sugar…once in a while is okay…but if i do it once…they’ll eat it and beg for more…I ate lots and I’m fine…
Hathor thinks: Biut if I buy it the corporations win… but I’ve said no too many times today…got to protect their body…
Kids say: She’s in a candy quandary let’s put it in our cart.
baby thinks: Me want candy! me want candy!



Hathor says (on left side), “sure anything you want, I’m here to serve.”

Hathor says (on right side), “BECAUSE I SAID SO!”

Hathor thinks (in the middle), “I am not child-centered! I am not mommy-centered”

Hathor thinks, “I am center-centered.”

Baby thinks, “Everybody knows the center’s where the yummies live.”…