Mama Dots…

Because who can really tell in a hand-drawn comic, what is a nipple and what is a circle? The censors at Facebook think they know, but do they really?


if you are a former member of my site and are having trouble signing up again, know that you aren’t alone. I have numerous friends sitting in wait for my tech support guy to give me the correct ‘patch’ to get that situation solved. Please, have a seat in my waiting room, perhaps a cup of coffee and a magazine as you while away the time, actually this would be  a great time to nurse, my waiting room has rocking chairs and delightful conversation, make yourself at home.







His Nipples

This is another response to Facebook banning me in the middle of World Breastfeeding Week (did you know that it’s really World Breastfeeding MONTH and that the rest of the world is still celebrating, but here in America we’re all like one week, that’s all our attention span can take ;o) If you hadn’t heard, Facebook banned me for 24 hours for a tiny tiny nipple in one of my comics. I wrote about it here:

The Comic that Got Me Banned From Facebook

and created this comic too:



Hope you enjoy!


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The comic that got me banned from Facebook…

for 24 hours, and my response!

The comic was Humanicum Breastfeedicus:

and the next day I created this comic, which is really Humanicum Breastfeedicus, just with all the non-offending parts removed.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the tiny little circle is pretty *inoffensive, but then I was pretty sure that with all the surrounding information it was inoffensive too. Especially since the whole point of the comic was that the little tiny circle shouldn’t be offensive!

I wrote this the day I wasn’t allowed on Facebook:

We were having a lovely discussion too and right in the middle of World Breastfeeding Week, and then BAM! apparently Humanicum Breastfeedicus has a bit too much nipple? I’d like to posit that it’s a hand-drawn nipple, a really small nipple, a black and white nipple, a completely non-sexual nipple, an editorializing nipple, and the-nipple-is-the-whole- point-of-what-I’m-saying- nipple. But, also, damn, I remembered not to post comics with nipples at the beginning of the week and then yesterday forgot, so it’s also an I-forgot-there-was-a-nipple.




Ps. here’s another article about my 24 hour banishment during World Breastfeeding Week:  Facebook vs. Breastfeeding by Jodine Chase

*I originally wrote the above paragraph using the word un-offensive, twice. I generally try to check the grammar and spelling of my posts, but I also appreciate a good bit of casual and poetic laziness. Trouble is, now that the comic is included in the daily beast gallery with a (sic) beside it, well, it doesn’t look poetic, just un-spell-checked. So the proper spelling has replaced the un-proper in the post.

MySpace Avatar Rules

This was created in 2007 for MySpace’s silliness, but seems to apply to Facebook just as easily. Enjoy!



Myspace.coms avatar nudity rules

This is appropriate: (photo with a big breasted woman with stars over her nipples)

letter reads: Dear pornstar, yay you! welcome to and enjoy spreading your love um…avatar around. xox, the censor


This is inappropriate: (photo of mother breastfeeding)

Letter reads: Dear mother, it is obvious that you have not read nor understand our rules in which we clearly star “no nudity of a sexual nature.” your obscene photo has been removed. Sincerely, the censor


Hathor says, “grrrrrr.”

baby thinks, “why don’t YOU have star nipples?”