A photo of Habiba and her daughter Alma together again

This is a photo of Habiba reunited with her daughter today. I’m sure that you are as relieved as me, though there is still concern about the press statement that Habiba has agreed to the IMMF demands. Is she allowed to breastfeed? I hope we will know soon, but mother and daughter together again is a good thing no matter what.

If you missed my original post and want to read more about the story, go here:
Worldwide Mothers support Habiba! IMMF Give her baby back

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Here’s the facebook page:

and a new post on that page:

There are no bad news here. We all would have loved an apology from IMMF, but we knew all along that it was not going to happen. Habiba agreed to get counseling, that’s it. Of course she agreed, she has been brutally traumatized! We hope she gets the best counseling available and she can begin the healing journey, with her little Alma.

For now our hearts are a little less heavy. Happy reunion mama and baby!