A full 39 weeks

This came from a news article a friend sent me (thanks Julia!) here: New Baby Delivery Strategies Help to Cut Health Costs I foundthe article maddening on a few different levels, I think about 4 more comics are coming! …

This comic is related to this comic: that was the past, right?


Mama: Here it is…Indubitable, “39-weeks!” Crammed flippantly into the fourth paragraph in an article on health costs. “39-weeks!” It’s something we knew, or suspected…”full!” but to see it spelled out. tsk tsk. “births induced after a full 39-week pregnancy to births induced one to two weeks early…”
Get that?
“a full 39-week pregnancy”
Look it up: first births average 41 weeks, 1 day. That’s a 15 day discrepency!
Know what that means?
If you birth in a hospital and you don’t get induced it’s a freaking miracle.