Public Bus

This story caught fire in the UK a couple of years ago and then was quickly debunked. So what REALLY happened to the mother who claimed bus driver ordered her off for breastfeeding? Apparently a case of a woman wanting a little of the ‘persecuted’ limelight, it was a complicated and sad story, that really could have happened, HAS happened in many different ways, just not THIS time. Oh wait, here’s one: Mom kicked off bus for breast feeding hosting ‘nurse-in’ demonstration See, I told you ;o)

MySpace Avatar Rules

This was created in 2007 for MySpace’s silliness, but seems to apply to Facebook just as easily. Enjoy!



Myspace.coms avatar nudity rules

This is appropriate: (photo with a big breasted woman with stars over her nipples)

letter reads: Dear pornstar, yay you! welcome to and enjoy spreading your love um…avatar around. xox, the censor


This is inappropriate: (photo of mother breastfeeding)

Letter reads: Dear mother, it is obvious that you have not read nor understand our rules in which we clearly star “no nudity of a sexual nature.” your obscene photo has been removed. Sincerely, the censor


Hathor says, “grrrrrr.”

baby thinks, “why don’t YOU have star nipples?”



Just Don’t Look

Here’s an issue, there are a few of you who are still paying a monthly fee to see my comics. Alas, this is something paypal continues to do even after I’ve turned off my end. Here’s instructions to turn off your recurring payment:
Canceling a recurring payment

If you’ll contact me with the paypal addy you use, I can send you a refund.

Mama says, “We COULD leave it up to me – and him- to be discreet…but if it bothers you it would probably be easier if you JUST DIDN’T LOOK.”…