How many family members does it take to relieve the baby of the toilet plunger?
ONE, to give the plunger and then crack up about it.

Sister, “Look, baby’s got the plunger! Gross! hee hee ha ha ha hahaha!

TWO, to state the obvious and get all tigger-y with it.

big sister, “Baby’s got the Plun-GER! BAby’s got the PLUN-ger!

THREE, to ask rhetorical questions.

dad, “Who gave the baby the plunger? Shouldn’t someone take the plunger?”

FOUR, to be martyr-ish and grumpy.
hathor, “Can’t someone else do it? I’m carrying a load of laundry AND doing the dishes!!!! @#$%^&

FIVE, to go put the plunger back, back.

baby, “Well, I was going to unstop the toilet with it, but with all this fuss I might just wear it as a hat.”…