Good Morning!

We’ve been watching and listening to Pink a lot here, (if you’re pretty new here, I have a 15 year old daughter, yes, I am that old) I’m a pretty new convert to Pink (and other pop girls, I mostly find myself listening to angry-ish punk rock, grungy alternative antique heroes, and perhaps too much guitar folk sung from a crooning guy who was awesome enough to make a childhood favorite cartoon monkey become hip, or at least hip enough), it took seeing Pink breastfeeding in public to really win me over. Here, for instance. And then yesterday I watched this four times: Pink live  at the American Music Awards. Now I’m a huge fan. So, really, with all the Pink playing around here, it should have been no surprise this morning, when my littlest guy, at three years old, in his cutie-pie baby voice started singing, “…I’ve had a shit day, you’ve had a shit day, give me one last kiss…” So I kissed him. And I didn’t even let him see me laugh.

I worked for a few hours yesterday on my new book, it’s called Star Farm, and it’s a little bit off topic. But not much, if you’ve been paying attention ;o) It’s been a bit of a passion for me, so I haven’t done much else, but wait! Here’s a new comic! See, you guys thought I had forgot how to do that, but Surprise! …