Parking Lot Spies

…(sort of a sequel to Thickening Agents)


hathor says: Baby?! What are you doing in the public bathroom!?
baby: We’re playing spies!
Hathor: No bathroom spies!

Hathor asks: Why are you in the parking lot?!
baby: I told you! We’re playing spies!
Hathor:No bathroom spies! no parking lot spies!


Hathor: Okay, your mission is to uncover the “mastermind” ON the playground and INSIDE the park. INSIDE! the park!
baby: cool!

Hathor: this is good training for later when we go looking for the diabolical mastermind behind the ‘thickened’ babies!



Hathor says: Made a scrolling movie box and a pair of binoculars that sight a fire-breathing dragon and sang and wrote a book about an adventure and illustrated it and built a wooden doll bed and planned to make bedding and built a go-cart and careened down and …

baby thinks: Listened to cinderella, acted as a fitting-model, put on wings and danced all around and took photos of my feet and sat on the table and drew funny faces…

Hathor adds: Played little chicks all afternoon and then doggies and listened to shakespeare and wrote plays and memorized the cities of central america and swim and dance and … and…an..

middle daughter says: made a big sculpture out of clay and wire and started a rock band and played my guitar and dressed up and wrote a song and finger-knitted a belt to hold the wooden sword I made…

eldest daughter says: sewed a mermaid tail for sister, started a fashion show, turned it into a play about the castle and then filmed a movie about befriending a dragon and made lunch and made thee origami birds and a bird cage to put them in…

radio says: homeschoolers need to be regulated…

hathor says: Puh-LEAse! REGULATED? we LIKE being irregular!

do hard things, yes!

I’m looking through my comics for one about the breastfeeding-smile and having trouble finding one, could I not have drawn it before? Why would I have left that out of the experience? Looks like I know what I’m drawing tonight ;o) …