Preconceived Notions

This truly happened to a friend, have you ever had it happen to your homeschooling family?


Ticket seller: Wow, you homeschool?
middle daughter: Hi Mike! Hi Tracy! ARe you going on the tour too?
Oldest daughter: There’s the tour guide! I’m going to go say hi!
Hathor: Yes?

Ticket seller: Aren’t you worried your children won’t be socialized?

Hathor: Well, we’re with a group of kids here.

Ticket seller: Aww, so is this your first time out like this with other children?

kid: Mom! I’m hanging with Jenny!
Kid: Hi Sam! Hi Erin!
Baby thinks: Yeah Lady, we’re usually in a box under the stairs!

side commentary: Proof that preconceived notions can be suborn in the face of proof to the contrary
Hathor thinks: especially in fools.

more side commentary pointing to baby: further proof that wit is a gene passed from mother to daughter.