This comic was about Linda Hirshman and her book from 2006: Get To Work. Indeed, as if we don’t work enough already, of course, she means PAID work, within a capitalist system. sigh.


superdad: She says that an “education competent adult’s place is in the office. ”
Hathor: Yeah, sure. I heard.
superdad: Isn’t that the kind of thing that totally pisses you off?
Hathor: Nope.
hathor: You see, she wants women to join the existing power structure. I’d weather resist, to live outside of the mainstream, to shake the foundations and topple the existing power structure.
baby thinks: truth to power!
Superdad says: so it doesn’t bother you that she says…
You’re wasting your education? and your life isn’t complicated enough?
Hathor: Oh, don’t get me wrong!
she’s got ‘not so much brain as earwax!” that’s shakespeare, see? I AM using my education!